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Cascade Ltd

Cascade Ltd, in the construction market since 1991 .- specialized company performs work on reconstruction, repair and installation of pitched and flat roofs (see details in the service) The basic principle of our work
QUALITATIVE BUILDING MATERIALS + SKILLED MOUNTING = SECURE ROOF Using materials only High quality, we offer roofing solutions that protect your home, your money and investments. We are also the official distributor of foreign and domestic manufacturers of roofing materials (see). Due to the high experience of our professionals you will have a solid roof at an acceptable price. Prices are reasonable and not higher than that of other companies. They allow us to carry out the work qualitatively and to continue the guarantee service facilities. Prices are discussed with the customer on each occasion, based on his wishes, and financial possibility and condition of the objects.
Our site is not a generalized information resource, we offer you only what is real and what we have. You will contact us and we will try to offer you a few suitable options for the reasonable price and performance, and you will have to choose yourselves.

Best regards
Director Cascade Ltd
Katkalov Vitaly V.

st. 50 th Guards Division 17, Donetsk, 83052 Ukraine

Tel: + 38 (062) 383-04-18, 345-46-24

Fax: +38 (062) 382-42-95