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We are pleased to offer you
Building - construction works
1 Roof works, including
- The device roof system
- Work on the roof weatherization
- The device vapor, waterproofing
- The device roof (natural tiles, bitumen tiles, metal, shaped floor)
2 The device garrets.
3 Alterations attic space.
4 Install skylights.
5 device transparent roofs, the dome light, light tunnels.
6 Installing attic ladders.
7 Mounting overflow systems.
8 Placing eaves` overhangs.
9 Waterproofing work.
10 Repair and installation of flat roof of the facing materials.
11 Thermal insulation of buildings and facilities
12 Ventilated facades of the wall profiled decking
13 Manufacture of products from sheet steel (bars skates, end, eaves, etc.)
14 Technical advice

1 Ceramic tiles Creaton Germany
2 Bituminous tiles IKO Belgium, Canada
3 steam and water-proofing film Luxembourg, Finland
4 Silicone sealants U.S.
5 Roof parts and accessories

In addition we carry out the supply and installation of wooden houses.

We invite you to cooperate manufacturers, different organizations and concerned individuals.